Director of Photography

• Indie Rentals—national commercial

• XM Radio presents Scion Nights 2007—promotional video

• Alice and Friends—short film

• Going Home—short film

• Walking Out of Heaven—short film

• Eternal Romance—short film

• Point & Click—short film (2nd Unit DP)

• Love, Geneve—48 Hour Film Project short

• The Godfather-in-law—short skit

• The Matrixmony Revolutions Re-Reloaded—short skit

• Dirty Harry Carlson in Sudden Proposal—short skit

• St. John Wick and The Best-men-dables—short skit

• The Vows Brothers—short skit

Camera Operator

• Shoot the Hero—feature film

• The Nostradamus Effect—t.v. documentary, History Channel

• Six Impossible Things—short film

• His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th—t.v. documentary, A&E Channel

• Choke.Kick.Girl.—short film

• Beta Records TV—t.v. series, nationally syndicated

• Fools by The Dodos—music video

• Superfan: March Madness—Funny or Die web short

• Point & Click—short film

• I Wear my K-Swizz—web short

• Hooked on Honest—web short

• For the Birds—web short

• Iraqi Weather Report—web short

• Workout with Big Workout—web short

• Allah Ludakris—web short

• The Ring spoof—web short

• Euro-Gym—workout video (steadicam)

• Unnamed Debra Wilson show—Comedy Central pilot

• Off the Grid—tv pilot

• The Frazier Smith Show—a Jon Lovitz comedy show

• Never Ever by UltraBeat—music video (steadicam)

• Jim Tucker Entertainment presents Hollywood Headliners—stand up comedy show

• KROQ presents The Sounds at The Wiltern—live concert

1st Assistant Camera

• Easter Seals—wounded veterans PSA

• Drop Dead Gorgeous—feature film

• Lunatics, Lovers & Poets—feature film

• Urgency—feature film

• The Adventures of Umbweki—feature film

• Pawn—feature film

• Eye Shat—t.v. movie

• On Bloody Sunday—feature film

• The Strain—short film

• Full-Dress—short film

• The Champ—short film

• Kisses Over Babylon by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros—short film-style music video

• Broken Bones by Birds of Tokyo—music video

• Silhouettic  by Birds of Tokyo—music video

• All the Lost Souls Welcome You to San Francisco by American Music Club—music video

• Night of a Thousand Kisses by Mia Doi Todd—music video

• We Are The Ones by Will.i.am and various artists—music video

• Tick Toc, Death Clock—short film

• Alone—short film

• Gatorade—spec commercial

• Echo Unlimited—spec commercial

• Harley-Davidson—commercial

• Icaro by Chana—music video

2nd Assistant Camera

• Prank—feature film

• Assassin—short film

• The Man from When—short film

• The Hit Show—short film

• Sip the Pleasure of Days—feature length music video

• Boardbangers—music video

• Dido: Behind the Scenes—music video

• Code 4914—proof of concept trailer

RED Camera Tech/DIT/Workflow

• Yes We Can by Will.i.am and various artists—music video

• Dan’s Detour of Life—t.v. movie

• Live in Studio by Dido—music video

• My Peeps—short film

• Prank—feature film

• Dorritos—spec commercial

• Code 4914—proof of concept trailer


• Chasing 3000—feature film

• Chinaman's Chance: America's Other Slaves—feature film

• Side Effect—short film (dolly grip)

• Lovin’, Touchin’, Eatin’—short film (key grip

• Back Soon—feature film

• The Genius Club—feature film (electric)

• Long-Term Relationship—feature film (key grip)

• The Cutting Room Floor—feature film (dolly grip)

• Double Vision—feature film

• The Strain—short film

• Coffee Slender—infomercial

• American Taekwondo Association, Spring Nationals 2006 Las Vegas—martial arts competition


• Indie Rentals—national commercial

• XM Radio presents Scion Nights 2007—promotional video


• The Grasshopper—short film

• The Devil Wears Spurs—short film (assistant editor)

• Indie Rentals—national commercial

• XM Radio presents Scion Nights 2007—promotional video

• Walking Out of Heaven—short film

• The Thieves’ Guild—short film

• Virgin Run—short film

Production Assistant

• Movies That Shook the World—t.v. series


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