A former sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Justin Rhoads has a passion and a drive regarding filmmaking and camera work in both film and digital worlds. His experiences span that of director of photography, camera operator, 1st and 2nd assistant camera, film loader, data management technician, and editor as well as having brief stints as grip, electric, and steadicam operator. He has even done a little bit of background acting. He lives in the Los Angeles area where he has taken cinematography and editing certificate courses at both The Los Angeles Film School and UCLA Extension. His intent of fulfilling his ever-growing need for camera- and lighting-related knowledge is an ongoing hobby. Even though he's spent a few on-and-off-again years working on a fiction manuscript, he can't quite see himself being called a novelist just yet. Justin also has a tortoiseshell cat named Bokeh who is sometimes just a little bit out of focus.

email: justinrhoadscamop@gmail.com   tel: 213.281.2455