John pleads his case for love to The Godfather-in-law and receives instructions detailing his forthcoming adventure.

The Godfather-in-law

As instructed by The Godfather-in-law, John must begin his quest for Holy Matrixmony by visiting Morpheus.

The Matrixmony Revolutions Re-Reloaded

After obtaining sage advice from Morpheus, John heads to San Francisco to devise a plan to lure out Dirty Harry Carlson, full time detective and part time jeweler.

Dirty Harry Carlson in Sudden Proposal

With the gorgeously green ring in his possession, our hero must now round up a rag-tag group of men and convince them to follow him to the alter, showing the world that they have what it takes to be The Best-men-dables.

St. John Wick and The Best-men-dables

With all but one obstacle checked off, John and his bearded sidekick take to the long road to Chicago. The goal? To obtain a precious and coveted piece of paper known as the Marriage License. But first, they need to lose a few uninvited wedding crashers.

The Vows Brothers, part 1

Success is but a Fuzz hair away. The Armando-clad duo arrive at their destination and head for the marriage license issuing office while a friend decides to Live Easy.

The Vows Brothers, part 2

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